Friday, November 13, 2009

'Former Muslims United' gives ex-Muslims a voice in the United States

Recently, The Washington Times published an interesting article about Former Muslims United, a new organization of ex-Muslims in the United States. Ibn Warraq is one of the founders of the organization:

"There is a tendency to downplay the dangers of Shariah law and thecreeping Islamization of the West," said the Pakistani-born author Ibn Warraq,author of the 2003 book "Leaving Islam.""The left tends to be very critical of Christianity but not of Islam," headded. "Islam gets away with it."

Nonie Darwish, another founder of Former Muslims United, is quoted as follows:

No other religion on earth demands the death of those who leave it - except the mafia. And at least you choose to enter the mafia. But you are born into Islam.

I recommend to read the whole article, and visit de website of Former Muslims United.